3 reasons why you should pay your rent monthly

There are a lot of benefits to a monthly payment system. Here are 3 of them!

3 reasons why you should pay your rent monthly

There are a lot of things about Dubai that you can’t find anywhere else: the largest mall in the world, the tallest building in the world, the local culture and traditions. But one of the most unique aspects about Dubai is the rental system—specifically, that it is extremely common for landlords to ask for significant amounts (or all) of the rent for an apartment in advance. Many tenants have grown comfortable with this arrangement, citing that paying the lump sum at once means you don’t need to worry about late payment fees or putting aside parts of your salary for rent month-to-month. Plus, sometimes landlords will entice tenants by offering lower rent if it’s paid in one cheque. But there are actually a lot of benefits to a monthly payment system—in fact, we’ve compiled a list of 3 reasons why it actually might be better for you to find an apartment that’ll allow you to pay your rent monthly.

Better, easier budgeting

There’s certain things you know you need to do every month: get your hair cut, pay for your gym membership, take your wife out to dinner somewhere nice, have an existential crisis about your career and life trajectory. Jokes aside—we’re all accustomed to the routine of our lifestyles. And if you have to pay a large rent bill upfront, this can actually cause cash flow problems and inhibit your routine monthly spending. Suddenly, you have to switch out the glitzy Downtown weekend dinners you’ve gotten used to for fast food drive-through. Paying your rent monthly means that your expenses will be steady and predictable: you’ll know exactly how much of the money deposited in your account is left over for you to enjoy, invest, or save. We can’t promise that the midlife crisis will go away, but we can promise that a monthly rent payment will allow you to project future expenses and manage your money more comfortably...and you’ll save yourself the extra calories from those drive-through McNuggets too.

An easier initial payment

You found your dream house! Yay! Now, we don’t mean to burst your bubble, but something we often forget about renting apartments is that the rent isn’t the only thing you’re going to have to pay for—as part of your initial payment, you’ll have to settle Ejari fees, a DEWA deposit (plus the monthly utility bills), a security deposit, and if you’re using a real estate agency or brokerage firm, an additional agency fee. When you combine all of those costs with furnishing, WiFi, and other expenses, a single cheque payment can feel exorbitantly high. Geez—maybe your dream house is actually a nightmare!? If you don’t have all of that cash at your disposal, a monthly rent payment may actually make a lot more sense: that same payment will change to multiple rent cheques spread over the entire year, and the expenses won’t weigh as heavy on your heart (and your bank account).

Preparing for the worst

We don’t want to be downers, but if 2020 taught us anything it’s that this world is wild and crazy and unpredictable. COVID-19 showed the world that we need to be more responsible with the way we save and spend our money, so there’s always extra funds to lean on if you need them. If unforeseen issues arise, and you find yourself strapped for cash, you’re unlikely to have that wiggle room you’ll need if you’ve already put most of your savings or income into a single check payment. Month-to-month payments will allow you to have some flexibility with your finances, so if something bad happens, you have some extra emergency money on hand. It’s your money, you deserve to control where and when it goes!

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