How to list your Dubai property for rent?

How to list your Dubai property for rent?

Buying a Dubai property as an investment is an unarguable choice. Dubai became attractive to real estate investors from different nationalities by examining various factors, such as affordability and ownership costs.

However, if you are a landlord looking to list a property for rent in Dubai, you will need the pieces of advice we are about to share with you in this article.

As an investment asset, it is essential to find the right tenant for your property as soon as it is available on the market. An agent can help accelerate the lease of the property. Eventually, sometimes, things don't go as expected.

Here's how we help landlords list their properties to receive the well-deserved exposure to reach more tenants and lease their property faster than ever!

Do a market research

As a landlord, conducting thorough research of the market is essential. You may start by checking the listing prices offered by other landlords for similar properties located in the same area and building.

Get a trusted broker

If you are trying to avoid the hassle, listing a property with a broker can be a game-changer and a time saver. Finding a trusted broker will most probably get your property occupied faster than you have expected.

Ask the right questions

If you want to list your property with a broker, you have the right to ask questions. One of the decision-making questions you can ask the broker is
- How many people in your database can be qualified as potential tenants for this property?
- How long do you think it will take to get my property listed on your marketing channels?
- How much time do you think this property will take to get rented?

Promote your assets

If you decided to take things into your own hands and list your property without an agent, it's better to do it professionally.

Start by scheduling cleaning services. Once the property is clean and tidy, it's time for a photo shooting session. Taking good quality pictures affects the decision of the ad viewers. You cannot list and advertise a property with no photos or with low-resolution pictures. Make sure to benefit from the sunlight. It is also important to shoot from the right angle.

The pictures not only will impress potential tenants and convince them to visit the property and take action that will eventually lead to an offer.
Once you have the perfect pictures, it is time to create a quality title and description.

Start by finding a catchy title or headline. The headline is what will trigger the curiosity of the ad viewer to click on your ad. A great way to attract the viewer's attention is by listing the features of the property like no commission, directly from the landlord, chiller free, great view…
Just be prepared to create multiple drafts before finding the right one!

Where to list your property for rent in Dubai?

Some classified portals allow landlords to list their properties for rent; however, others only allow brokers with a BRN number to list the properties. Try to search online for the best options available before listing your property.

Is there a better option to list my property for rent?

Yes! Urban!
Urban offers a great opportunity for landlords to list their properties for lease with exclusive features. The platform offers services and data-driven reports allowing owners to reach potential tenants and even access performing insights thanks to its landlord dashboard.

How to list my property for rent with Urban?

The process starts by submitting a form. Visit Urban landlord page and fill the form. Once you submit the form, Urban Asset Management team will contact you within 48h and ask some questions about the property and explain the process of onboarding a property with Urban. Once you are ready to list your property, it's time to move to the technical part.

Submitting Documents

To qualify the property, the team will ask for certain documents like
Proof of ownership
Passport copy or Emirates ID
A signed listing agreement

Urban team visit

Once all the information is verified, our team will pay a visit to the property.
An inspection report will be created with more than 15 points to assure that the property is in good condition to welcome the new tenant. Free cleaning services will also be offered to the landlord.

Once the property is inspected, clean, and ready, it's time for the limelight!

Taking pictures

Professional photography services will also be part of the onboarding package.
The service includes taking professional pictures and VR 360 degree tours, floor plans, and a walkthrough video.

Installing digital locks

Here'sHere's a feature that you have never seen before!
Urban team will install a smart lock. Why?
Smart locks allow tenants to book and visit the property at any time. It is more convenient, and it is a great way to ensure the safety of the visitors. Potential tenants interested in visiting the property can book a time slot and unlock the smart lock using Urban App installed on their smartphone.

Powerful insights

Once the app users show interest in the property listed with Urban, the landlord will start seeing data on his landlord dashboard. Some of the data available on the dashboard are the number of people who booked to view the property, how many people did visit the property…


When a landlord lists a property on Urban, the property is exposed to traffic of thousands of potential tenants looking to rent a property. The listings available on Urban are also promoted through various channels, including Urban social media channels, email campaigns, and even most-reputable listing sites such as Bayut…

Driving traffic

The Urban app and website are very responsive and user-friendly; all the listings will have the opportunity to be seen by the eyes of potential tenants looking for a property like yours.
The website is also SEO friendly, allowing Urban listings to appear on top search results on Google and other search engines to increase awareness and reach.

See how tenants can rent your property online using Urban

Property rent out

The platform is ages ahead of other apps available in the market. The Urban app, available on iOS and Android allows users not only to find your property but also rent it entirely online.
The process is straightforward. It's a contactless process to ensure both parties' safety. The registration of the Ejari contract will also be conducted online, saving the landlord's and the tenant's time by skipping the long queues.

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