Landlords meet your new home

Urban's digital Landlord Dashboard empowers landlords to track performance of their properties, store documents and manage payments – all in one place.

Landlords meet your new home

Introducing the Landlord Dashboard

Let's face it, owning and managing property wasn’t everything you thought it might be. It takes work.

You have so many moving parts to manage – am I pricing right? Is the marketing on-point? Are my brokers giving my property the attention it deserves?

And once it’s rented – what’s the safest way to collect payments? Am I getting the right returns? Do I have my tenant documents organized?

It can all get very overwhelming. Very quickly. The properties that were supposed to bring you returns are just taking up your time and energy. Which is why today we’re proud to announce a brand new home for you, the landlord.

When you list properties with Urban, you’ll have a a single place to oversee how all your properties are working for you. Not the other way around.

A home for all your homes

Get a clear performance overview of your properties. Thanks to our digital locks, live auctions and online payments, you can access details on everything from tenant visits to pending offers. Basically, you’ll never feel like you’re kept out of the loop.

Documents when you need them

No more rifling through drawers – all your tenants’ documents in one place. Contracts, Ejari, – you name it. They’re all here so you can be sure that everything is verified and up-to-date.

Collections made digital

Clear dates and statuses for all collected rent. No surprises. No oversights. You’ll be on top of your collections and charges better than your accountant ever was.

Take it for a spin

Ready to try it out for yourself? The new dashboard is available to all landlords that list with Urban today on iOS and Android. If you signed up with Urban before 20th of April, 2020, you can get your invite by speaking to your Asset Manager. We can’t wait to hear your feedback as we continue to build new capabilities and introduce new solutions so you can make the most out of your properties. Welcome to your new home.

Looking to rent out your property in a whole new way? List with Urban.

For any questions about the dashboard, check out our FAQ.