Now you can pay rent monthly

Now you can pay rent monthly

Let's talk about big rent checks. You know, those massive amounts you pay in advance to live at home.

Your home should bring you a feeling of safety and comfort. Not stress and anxiety.

A recent YouGov survey identified that a third of Dubai residents find the current rental process stressful and nearly half prefer the option to pay rent in more installments. And who can blame them?

We knew there was a better way. One that addresses concerns of both tenants and landlords.

Pay your rent monthly on Urban with Emirates NBD

We’ve partnered with our friends at Emirates NBD to bring monthly rent payments to all Urban homes.

Just the way it should be.

You can now view rent prices monthly or annually across all Urban homes, and apply for the plan when you're ready to move in.

To see if you're eligible, here's how you can apply for the plan on the Urban app.

And hey if you're a landlord, you're winning too because you get the entire rental amount for the year upfront. So you'll get peace of mind while providing flexibility to your tenants.

Ready to pay your rent monthly? Download Urban today on iOS and Android.