Why you should list your properties with Urban - Investor's Guide

Why you should list your properties with Urban - Investor's Guide

Landlords and real estate investors are always looking to list their properties with trusted agents that have already helped them sell or lease their Dubai properties in a short period and secured a good deal. However, finding an agent you can trust is no easy task.

Offering the same listing services and marketing process most agencies follows is not enough to guarantee the desired results.

Urban offers landlords a better and more data-driven process to guarantee transparency and efficiency to landlords, and here's why.

Easy listing process

Listing your property with Urban cannot be easier!

After submitting an inquiry, Urban Asset Management Team will contact the landlord to guide him through the process and answer all his questions. The onboarding process will be done smoothly and professionally, offering the landlord peace of mind.

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Complimentary real estate services

Once the landlord signs the listing agreement with Urban, our team will perform all the steps on your behalf to ensure the property will get the necessary marketing assets to start the property promotion.

The complimentary services offered by Urban Asset Management Team include:

  • An inspection report
  • Professional photography and cleaning services
  • The installation of a smart lock allowing potential tenants to visit the properties any time and unlock it using their smartphone

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State of the art technology

Once the property is live on the Urban website/app, the landlord gets access to the landlord dashboard displaying a variety of powerful insights like

The number of impressions: How many people saw the listing

The number of views: How many people checked out the listing in the site/app

The number of bookings: How many people booked a visit to the property

The number of visits: How many people paid a visit to the property

The offers: The offers submitted by tenants to lease your properties

Marketing services

At Urban, we know that solid marketing support should be in place to get the proper exposure in a crowded market. Our Urban marketing team possesses the right skills and tools to reach potential tenants looking for similar properties. All Urban properties are promoted across all our marketing channels which include:

  • Urban app/website
  • Social Media Channels
  • EDMs
  • Listing portals

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